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      Immigration Exhibition二0二四年十一月

      展会时间:2024-11-08 至 2024-11-10
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      展会日期 2024-11-08 至 2024-11-10
      展出城市 上海
      展出地址 上海世贸展览馆(长宁区兴义路99号)
      展馆名称 上海世贸展览馆
      主办单位 上海企顺展览服务有限公司
      承办单位 上海企顺展览服务有限公司
      官方网站 http://www.fangdichanzhan.com
      收藏会展 观众报名 展位预订 参展商报名请移步"展位招商"栏目,"展位招商"栏目是本站优选的优质靠谱展会项目并免费开放给参展商挑选,所有项目经过本站精挑细选,请放心报名参展。
      2024QSE Shanghai 25th Overseas Real Estate Investment Immigration and Study Abroad Exhibition
      Exhibition time: November 8-10, 2024
      Exhibition location: Shanghai World Trade Exhibition Hall (No. 99 Xingyi Road, Changning District)
      Organizer: Shanghai Qishun Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
      Contact person: Director Wang Gang
      Official website: www.fangdichanzhan.com

      Exhibition Overview:
      With the rapid rise of the Chinese economy, overseas real estate and investment immigration have become the latest investment concepts of the Chinese people. Domestic real estate purchase restrictions and regulatory policies further catalyze the formation of the Chinese overseas real estate buyer market. The huge consumption potential of the Chinese home purchase market has attracted the attention of many international real estate developers, who have entered the Chinese market one after another. Nowadays, the wave of immigration in China is becoming increasingly turbulent. In addition to the severe reality of food safety, medical resources, and education resources scarcity, domestic investors' demand for overseas real estate and immigration is rapidly increasing. With the continuous pursuit of high-quality and healthy living standards by domestic residents, especially high net worth individuals, in the coming years, more and more Chinese high net worth individuals will migrate overseas through real estate investment channels to obtain international high-quality living.
      QSE Shanghai Overseas Real Estate Immigration Exhibition is a grand event in China aimed at the increasingly developing overseas real estate and investment immigration industry. The exhibition covers four main themes: overseas real estate, overseas immigration, overseas study abroad, and overseas investment. The three-day exhibition will feature exhibitors from over 40 countries and regions including Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, Africa, and more, covering various fields such as overseas real estate, immigration, investment, and study abroad, showcasing high-quality real estate projects and investment immigration services; We can provide you with direct and close contact with your intended customer base, allowing them to have a comprehensive understanding of your project and a platform for you to showcase. Therefore, we are definitely the best choice and opportunity for you to enter Shanghai, China. The exhibition will ensure the attendance of a large number of high-end customer groups through targeted promotion, comprehensive joint marketing, extensive targeted invitations, and rich on-site activities. At present, the "2024QSE Shanghai Overseas Real Estate Immigration and Study Abroad Exhibition" is a comprehensive large-scale exhibition, with unlimited business opportunities. We sincerely invite you to join this exhibition, create a market together, and showcase our grand plans!

      Exhibition scope:
      Domestic and foreign developers, high-end properties, apartments, luxury villas, golf villas, Linshui villas, resort hotels, castles, ski resorts, yacht docks, sea view houses, and tourism real estate;
      Overseas real estate developers, agents, overseas properties, high-end properties, apartments, luxury villas, golf villas, Linshui villas, resort hotels, castles, ski resorts, yacht docks, land farms, wineries, islands, and other facilities;
      Investment immigration and others: overseas immigration agencies and consulting services, investment immigration intermediary agencies, EB-5 regional centers, etc;
      Villas and residences: joint villas, duplex villas, and single family villas; Large real estate projects, mid to high-end apartments, hotels and vacation apartments, etc;
      Commercial real estate: main commercial streets, SHOPPING MALL, community commercial buildings, shopping malls, commercial buildings, shopping centers, etc;
      International investment institutions: banks, securities firms, law firms, funds, private equity institutions, etc;
      International education and study abroad institutions: international schools, international language training institutions, international vocational training institutions, study abroad institutions, etc;
      Sponsorship Program
      The organizer specially invites capable enterprises as sponsors of the conference: divided into three sponsorship methods: diamond, gold, and silver, enjoying various benefits provided by the conference (detailed information and benefits are available upon request);
      Booth fee standard:
      A. Standard booth: 3 * 3=9m2 RMB 3000/m2 Foreign enterprise: 5000USD/9m2
      Booth configuration: one KT board with Chinese and English lintels, one negotiation round table, four chairs; one reference table with two chairs; carpet, 220V
      One power socket and two spotlights.
      B. Special booth: 2800 RMB/m2 for domestic enterprises, 500 USD/m2 for foreign enterprises (starting from 36m2 indoor bare space, no configuration provided, exhibitors can arrange special decoration or entrust organizational units to recommend booth construction companies);
      Exhibition details:
      A. Fill out the 'Exhibition Application Form' with official seal and mail or scan it to the organizing committee of the conference; The exhibitor shall pay all the exhibition fees to the organizer by remittance or (Alipay, WeChat) cash within 5 working days from the date of signing the contract according to the requirements of the payment notice, so as to confirm the booth location. After the exhibition fees are remitted, please send the bank remittance voucher to the organizer for checking; The organizer can only confirm the booth reservation made by the exhibitor after receiving the booth fee. If the exhibiting enterprise withdraws midway after registration, the exhibition fee will not be refunded.
      B. After confirming the booth, the organizer will send the "Exhibition Handbook" to the exhibitors; The manual includes information related to exhibition transportation, booth design and construction, travel and accommodation arrangements, and item rental. Exhibitors must fill out the relevant forms in the manual as required and return them to the organizer before the deadline.
      C. The principle of booth sequence allocation is "apply first, remit first, and arrange first", and a 20% additional fee will be charged for double-sided booths;

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      2024-11-08 2024-11-10



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